"I am so pleased to be able to offer my gratitude for Campbell Child Development Center and the difference it makes in the lives of children and their families.

After 25 years in Early Childhood Education and Parent Education in a variety of settings, I was really floored by the professional, thoughtful and beautiful classrooms Campbell CDC offers children. Warm interactions, thorough appropriate assessments, parent involvement and education and well-trained staff means for a child care that parents are proud to have their children participate in, leaving them room to embrace their careers or livelihoods without concern for their child’s best interests.

Happy healthy children given an optimum learning environment in which to develop, happy teachers who remain constant students and a caring administration who understands the needs of working families- This center is an example of child care at its best."

—January Handl

"The teachers at CCDC embraced our son from his first days at school when he was only a little over two years old; they fostered his best traits and worked lovingly and patiently with him on developmental goals. The way that his teachers were able to quickly get to know his personality and be so calm and consistent with him as a two and three year old to help him feel secure, to help him use his words to negotiate play with other children, to help him understand which choices he could make and which ones adults make for him (and be able to accept those limitations) is something for which we, as his parents, will forever be grateful.

When our son was four, his teacher worked daily with him and his fellow small group members on focusing and listening at appropriate times, on finding solutions to disagreements with friends and other children, and on exploring new activities and ideas that encouraged creativity and open-mindedness. She, and all the teachers at the center, accomplished all this within the context of learning through play, using puppet shows, children-developed skits, children-created books and stories, obstacle courses requiring team work, and so on. Our son was fully prepared socially, cognitively, physically, and emotionally to thrive in Kindergarten."

—Janelle Kroenung

"There is no place like it! I looked far and wide and toured many preschools before finding CCDC. My oldest son was very shy and this was the only preschool he talked about going back to visit. Not only did he feel safe there....he was happy and looked forward to each day learning, exploring and creating in this magical play based environment.

My school background was in early childhood and I also taught elementary school for 8 years and this preschool is the perfect model for what children "should be doing" at this age!!!! My younger son went here also and couldn't wait to start after watching how much fun his brother was having and all the new things he was learning! The staff is highly trained, professional, nurturing, energetic, caring & fun. I was always amazed & impressed at how much work went into the curriculum and how much time they spend getting to know your child and keeping track of all the wonderful milestones and developmental stages!

My boys still love to look at their portfolio folders that their amazing teachers made them! Now having a Kindergartener and 1st grader, they are both at the top of their class.....and no they didn't do worksheets in preschool.....they PLAYED! Go visit and let your child experience it."

—Maria Moussavi

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